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The Feather Speech - a national conservation campaign for swifts

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

On Saturday 5th November nature author and conservationist, Hannah Bourne-Taylor, will launch a petition to protect swifts by delivering The Feather Speech in London, unclothed, painted in feathers. The wider aim of The Feather Speech is to spark a national conversation and awareness, about red listed British birds in the run up to COP 15 Biodiversity in early December.

The Feather Speech is a collaboration with the RSPB, the conservation charity Rewriting Extinction, Tim Flach, Guido Daniele, Rachel Louise-Brown and UAL. It is supported by the Shadow Minister of Climate Change and parliamentary swift champion, Kerry McCarthy MP, former Green Party leader, Caroline Lucas MP, Chris Packham, Megan McCubbin, and the nature writing and conservation communities.

At noon on Saturday 5th November, at Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, Hannah will deliver the speech, followed by a non-disruptive procession to Downing Street with a supportive crowd and the slogan #EveryBirdCounts. At Downing Street, Hannah will post the petition request through 10 Downing Street’s letter box.

The petition (asking for swift bricks to be made compulsory in new housing developments across the UK) will be open for 6 months and the goal is to reach 100,000 signatures for it to be debated in parliament.

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