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Hampshire Swifts

Historical Survey Data


Prior to 2016, when the Hampshire Swift Survey started, the only breeding Swift records of note were those recorded via the RSPB Swift Inventory. Hampshire Swifts has been given access to all these records and they have been meticulously reviewed and collated to create a valuable archive of Swift nest sites going back as far as 1999. The value of this database is that the data can be looked at by year as well as by location so observers, whether surveying a local area or visiting somewhere new, can quickly check whether Swifts have ever bred in that area, obtaining a precise location and allowing assessment of whether Swifts are still present. Entering new observations on the Hampshire Swift Survey form allows our database to be brought up-to-date. It is likely that many sites no longer hold Swifts but some may still have them and all these data are extremely useful.

The data can be viewed here


If these previously occupied sites no longer have breeding Swifts please still complete the Hampshire Swift Survey form, indicating the absence of Swifts, the precise location of the previously reported nest site(s) and adding a note in the final text box stating that a previously reported nest site had been checked and found to be inactive, adding any observations that may be relevant to the disappearance of the nest site (e.g. demolition, roof repairs, plastic soffits etc). 


Also, if you have records for previous years that do not appear on this database then please do enter them on the  Hampshire Swift Survey form.

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