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Swift population on New Milton estate continues to grow

This is now the third year of surveying the Swifts and other nesting birds at the North Milton estate, and follows our previous blogs on the results of the 2021 survey and the 2020 survey.

Bob Lord and his team of surveyors have carried out a further survey during 2022 starting a little earlier than in previous years in order to pick early nesting Starlings and House Sparrows.

The results show that there were 68 Swift, 35 Starling and 33 House Sparrow apparently occupied nests recorded during the survey period in 2022. For Swifts this was an increase of 2 on last year. The outcome of breeding is generally not known, except for three young Swifts that are known to have fledged from a Model 30 box on the edge of the estate. No Swifts were recorded nesting in a natural gap on any building and it’s important to note that none of these birds would have nested or reared young without the measures being taken by NFDC back in 2012.

Well done to Bob Lord and his team of surveyors for their many hours spent surveying the site.

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