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Swift nest box installations

Over the past 4 years Hampshire Swifts has installed up to 1000 new Swift nest boxes across the county. The popularity of our offer to supply and fit Swift boxes has resulted in an increasing demand which is very gratifying as it reflects an increasing awareness of the plight of our Swifts.

However, it has also shown that our pricing structure is increasingly inadequate to cover our costs for providing this service. As a result, we’ve taken the decision to increase the fitting charge for Swift boxes. This will now be £ 10 per box from now on.

To simplify our costs we will also adjust the price of one of the types of Swift box we provide. The white-lidded Model 30 box remains at £ 20 for supply only. The cost of a Minstead box will be increased from £ 18 to £ 20.

The price for ordering and having a Swift box of either type installed will now be a flat rate of £ 30 per box. Supply only will be £ 20 per box. These charges remain well below the commercial rate for such a service and so still represent excellent value, whilst still contributing a small sum to Hampshire Swifts which is used to fund projects which otherwise would not be able to proceed.


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