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Swift Awareness Week 2020

The first Swift Awareness Week (SAW) was in 2018 with Swift groups across the UK organising a remarkable 90+ local events. This year there were over 100, with even more groups taking part.

The aim of SAW is to expand our target audience by organising Swift-themed events, talks and walks in conjunction with a national campaign to draw attention to the plight of our Swifts and what can be done to help them.

For 2020 it has been agreed that SAW 2020 will run from Saturday June 27th to Sunday 5th July 2020 inclusive (as for 2019, the ‘week’ is nine days long and includes the weekends at either end).

We will organise some Swift walks across Hampshire but to have a real impact we need as many events as possible to be arranged for that week so as to benefit from the press coverage that will be generated. If you are planning an event for that period or would be interested in running a Swift-related display stand, school talk, lead a walk or have other ideas on how to spread the word, please get in touch at

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