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Southsea colony update

Dave Warner now has 11 breeding pairs of Swifts on his house in Southsea from a total of 12 boxes, eight on the front and four on the back. They fledged 28 young in 2023, including 6 pairs that had 3 young each which is a record here! The totals from last year (which were also a record at the time) were 10 breeding pairs in 11 boxes, producing 22 young – 4 more than in 2021.

In addition, another house a short way down the road had 3 breeding pairs from a total of 3 boxes but the number of young was unknown as there were no cameras in the boxes. And also a further 3 out of 6 boxes in two other adjacent roads had breeding Swifts, but again with an unknown number of young fledged.

And there is another smaller colony also in boxes about 700m to the south that is also doing well and growing.

Well done to Dave and Jeff!

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