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Six new Swift boxes at Christ Church, Winchester

We’ve been aware since 2020 that there were 8+ pairs of Swifts nesting in natural sites at Christ Church in Christchurch Road, Winchester on the side facing the road.

The Church were very keen that we installed some internal boxes within the tower but lots of works had to be done on the structure and repairs to the louvres on the south side before we could begin. New vertical steel ladders and hoops were also installed internally which made access a little safer.

A stepladder, lights and the boxes were all roped up into the tower and from there we could look up into the rest of the spire above.

The bottom section of wire mesh was cut away and the six-box cabinet was installed and screwed to the timber frame for extra support.

The call player was installed and the speaker cable was taken all the way down to ground level to the amp unit so that it can be easily turned on and off at the start and end of the season without having to access the tower. Roger was happy with the way it went even though he had his stern face on for the photo!

And it should be a fairly simple job to add more later when these are occupied which I’m hopeful they will be quite quickly.

Grateful thanks to Liz Ord, Operations Director at Christ Church, and to Elliot for his help on the day. And of course to Roger for all his hard work.


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