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New swift bricks fitted in Emsworth

Last September I received a call about a new Doctor’s Surgery that was being built in Emsworth. Malinda Griffin told me that the Architect was amenable to having some Swift bricks built in to the structure. Why this isn’t mandatory on such buildings and all new housing only the Government can answer, and this will be the subject of another blog. By chance, at the time of the call, we were only a few miles away so we quickly diverted to take a look at the building and assess its suitability. It was previously known as the Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital and is a three storey building that is being converted into a smart new Surgery that will serve the whole town.

The building being turned into Emsworth's new doctor's surgery

The work had already started and was being carried out by Mountjoy under the supervision of Studio Four Architects Ltd.

Having looked at the plans and elevations we agreed on the most suitable locations for a dozen Swift bricks to be installed. I was told that work was progressing quickly in that area and that they would be required in about ten days’ time so I collected some bricks from site and drove up to Dick Newell of Action for Swifts in Cambridgeshire as I wanted to see how his S bricks were made. Dick’s garage already contained boxes of other swift bricks ready to be sent out. First the bricks are cut and then the entrance holes are drilled using a diamond-tipped cutter with a template.

Dick Newell cutting the bricks

Adding entrance holes

We then went to visit Dick’s colleague who makes the Foamboard boxes on his CNC machine. The boxes were nearing completion and Dick helped with the last of the assembly. It was then back to Dick’s place where we glued the brick slips onto the front of each box.

Gluing the brick entrance holes onto the nesting box
Boxes of completed Swift bricks ready to be installed

As is often the way in construction, a problem on site then meant that the installation of the Swift bricks didn’t happen until last month! But they are now installed and as you can see they look great.

Installed S bricks - you would never noticed them from the ground but hopefully the swifts will!

Tucked high up under the eaves on the north side they are very discrete, and what’s not to like? Let’s hope the Swifts find them quickly and enjoy their new homes.

Grateful thanks are due to all those mentioned above who have helped to make this happen.

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