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How to create a swift colony...

Ron Cooke has kindly submitted an update to the status of his Swift colony in Southampton.

"In 2019, at the Regents Park Community Swift Colony, we recorded 24 of the 29 boxes occupied, a new record. Encouragingly, two boxes, only installed in March were found to have nests, much to the surprise of the property owner. From small beginnings in 2006, when only one pair was in residence, there have been annual increases as new boxes were installed, culminating in their current record total. Annual July counts of local circling birds has also shown a positive trend over the past decade, with current max counts of 40/45 birds, although a neighbour estimated 50+. Last year Hampshire Swifts installed a further 10 boxes as a result of interest shown at a local street party. These boxes are all adjacent or near to my colony giving the potential for further expansion of this thriving population. This community nest box scheme could be replicated elsewhere at small vulnerable sites by installing new boxes on an annual basis. The conclusion is that Swifts attract Swifts".

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Hi that is brilliant and shows time and again how a little help makes a world of difference thanks to people’s interest and commitment to support positive change

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