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Coronavirus and Swift box installations

Despite the increasingly strict government recommendations to minimise social contact there is no reason that the installation of Swift boxes cannot continue as long as all parties involved follow sensible precautions and both installers and householders are happy to proceed. Given that many of us have a lot more time, the weather is improving and there remains quite a large backlog of boxes to be installed, together with the fact that we have a narrow window to get boxes up before the Swifts return, we will try and complete as many requests as possible unless circumstances change.

In order to do this responsibly we need to ensure that all individuals involved strictly follow the guidelines designed to prevent the spread of the virus. Although most people will be familiar with these by now the the most obvious of these are avoiding any physical contact, eliminating the potential transfer of virus by not using bank notes or coins, for example, and keeping a good distance. Once we know where boxes are to be attached, the householder can remain safely indoors. Payment should be made by bank transfer if at all possible.

The second part is to ensure that householders are happy to allow installation to take place at this time. To address that an email will be sent to all people who have requested Swift boxes asking whether or not they are happy to be included in the next batch of installations. If not, these can be deferred until the situation changes.

If you have any questions please contact us on

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