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Communication, communication, needed!

When Hampshire Swifts started we thought long and hard about how to communicate with people. Prior to development of the internet, communication was slow, time-consuming and labour-intensive yet oddly straightforward in that information transfer relied almost entirely on paper-based technologies such as newsletters and magazines. Today, that paradox is reversed and communication is extremely easy and yet has become more complex as there are so many different ways in which information can be shared. If you have ambitions to share information with people in the 21st century then relying on a newsletter, for example, simply won't work. It is for this reason we have a blog, a website, run a Facebook group, contribute to a Twitter account and have a minimally paper-based approach, distributing leaflets at meetings and events.

Keeping all these modes of communication active, fresh and updated is critical as readers now have much more choice and flexibility in deciding what they want to access. This is demanding of time and effort. Furthermore, certain modes of communication, in particularly Twitter, are far more than a simple tool to inform others of what is going on. Twitter has huge potential as a means to influence the decisions of builders, planning authorities, ecologists etc if used correctly.

So, the way we approach communication is central to everything we do and we need help to fully capitalise on these technologies.

We are looking for volunteers to edit, write and commission pieces for the website and blog, to prepare and implement communication plans for our social media platforms and to envisage how we can improve and extend how we communicate. If your interests coincide with any of these activities, and are looking for something to help pass the hours while sitting out this pandemic, email us on

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