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Updated: Oct 16, 2021

For the last three years we have been putting up Model 30 Swift boxes in the Fulflood area of the City. We have now put up 27 boxes in the North View/Elm Road area, though some of these only went up near the end of summer 2021.

Six of the 18 Swift boxes in North View all occupied by Swifts
Six of the 18 Swift boxes in North View all occupied by Swifts (C) Catharine Gale

What do the results show? A survey by Hampshire Swifts volunteer Fiona Hartley shows that 14/27 boxes were occupied this summer. A majority, but not all, of these boxes have had young fledged but some have been used by younger non-breeding Swifts that have been scouting for a nest site to use next summer and may have already built a nest there in readiness. Other boxes have had bangers (Swifts banging against a box with their wings to see if there is a reaction from an occupying Swift) but these have not been included in the figures. This compares to 11 boxes occupied by Swifts in 2020, so a 27% increase on 2020 and a 54% occupation rate in three years.

Total number of boxes 2021

Occupied boxes 2020

Occupied boxes 2021

Natural nests 2021

Elm Road





North View









Two nest boxes in Elm Road erected this year
Two nest boxes in Elm Road erected this year (C) Catharine Gale

We are continuing to erect more boxes in the area as interest grows amongst the home-owners and look forward to another increase in Swift occupation next year.

Dear BTO part 4...

Dear BTO, no sign of insect decline being the cause of the catastrophic decline of Swifts. Hint – it’s actually loss of nesting sites that is the major cause. Lots more Citizen Science to come…

Please correct your website.

Tim Norriss – BTO member


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